Thursday, January 31, 2013

Wedding Show Floral Trends!

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If you've been following my blog regularly, you know my little sister just got engaged!  She and her fiance have set a date for early next fall...I don't know which one of us is more excited about the possibilities for fall wedding decor.
Anywho, we've been going to bridal shows, and I thought I'd share some of the fun little nuggets I've seen.  All of these photos have been taken with my iPhone in questionable lighting, so excuse the quality...
Broach Bouquets:
If you have antique or heirloom broaches, how cool would this be?  If you don't, you could find some vintage broaches at antique could be your something old!  Gorgeous!  (Looks like this bouquet needs one more...odd groupings.  Always odd groupings.)
A Touch of Vintage:
Wrapping your centerpieces in lace.  I'm loving the vintage feel that lace adds to this arrangement.
Floral Topiaries:
This picture doesn't do this floral topiary justice.  I love the simplicity of the white carnations.  Imagine three of these at various heights at the appetizer table...
Tree Trunk Pedestals:
I'm seeing a lot of tree trunk pedestals being used to achieve levels.  The rustic pedestal contrasts nicely with softness of wedding flowers.  The overall look above is kind of shabby chic...
Textured Glass:
Don't these textured glass vases look so pretty?  I love the cabbage in this floral arrangement too!
Have you ever been to a bridal show?  It can be totally overwhelming.  There are so many ideas, vendors, people, colors, etc., etc.  I suggest taking some friends and your camera with you.  Later, you can go through all of your pictures and narrow down your ideas.
Have a great day! :)

Sunday, January 27, 2013

11 Facts About Me...The Liebster Award

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This might be the first time I've ever posted on a Sunday!

I was recently pleasantly surprised to be recognized by fellow blogger and House by Hoff reader, Lauren from My Polished Side.
She passed along the Liebster Award, wasn't that nice?
I was unfamiliar with the Liebster Award, but I found out that it is given to "up and coming" blogs to help promote them and meet other new bloggers.  (Sounds good to me!)
There are some "Rules of 11" to follow when you are nominated for a Liebster.
1)  List 11 facts about yourself
2)  Answer the 11 questions given to you by the blogger who nominated you
3)  Create 11 questions for the bloggers you nominate
4)  Choose 11 bloggers with 200 or less followers to nominate
Go to each blogger's page and let them know that you've nominated them.  Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.
11 Facts About Me

1. I taught 5th grade for 6.5 years. 
When I had Miss L, I decided to leave my job.  I worried that I wouldn't be able to be a great teacher and a great mom at the same time.  I really admire people who do both well.
2.  I have one younger sister. 
She is getting married next fall, and I'm so excited to help plan it!
3.  I secretly wanted to start a blog for YEARS before I had the guts to actually do it. 
I've been reading some of my favorite blogs for a long time, and always thought, "I could do that..."
4.  I have been with Mr. Hoff for (almost) half of my life. 
We started dating when we were 15 years old. I always hoped I would marry him, and feel lucky that he's mine! :)  He's a very easy person to be married to.  He's a great dad and husband!  (Yes, if you've done the math, we're turning 30 this year...eeeeek!)
5.  I am extremely impatient about getting my house the way I like it. 
I have a hard time looking around without making a mental checklist of all of the things I want to change.
6.  I have to remind myself to chill almost every day.  (See #5 above.)
7.  My favorite part about being a mom is watching my little girl turn into a hilarious little person with opinions, quirks, dance moves, and an agenda of her own.  My other favorite part is when she hugs me for no reason at's the best!
8.  I think I'm addicted to Pinterest.  It might be a problem. 
9.  I enjoy having a glass of Riesling after Miss L. goes to bed. 
I often write my best posts after a glass of wine....errr, sorry if that offended you.
10.  I watch Real Housewives of EVERY CITY. 
I could sit down and have a serious conversation with you about why I'm on Team Gorga, what I think Brandi said about Adriane's family, and why I do believe the Countess when she says that she didn't "hang out" with the Johnny Depp pirate in the Hamptons.  (Reread that sentence, it's hilarious.)
11.  I thought I would be terrible at thinking up facts about myself, but I am actually kind of good at it.  Want me to list more?  No? Ok.
The 11 Questions From Lauren:
1. How do you like to wear your hair?  I like to curl it, but rarely have time to do it.
2. What is your favorite verse or inspirational quote?  Be the type of person you want to meet.
3. What do you struggle with the most?  Balancing blogging and house/craft projects with being a good mom and wife. It's harder than one would think. Like most women, I'm good at making myself feel guilty. I need to stop that.
4. Where is your favorite vacation spot? My favorite vacation we ever went on was to San Francisco.
5. If you were a color, what color would you be? Ummm.....Errrr.....Turquoise?
6. What is your favorite blog or website right now? Pinterest, Centsational Girl, Migonis Home...the list goes on and on.
7. Are you fingernails painted right now? If so, what color?  They aren't painted. I get annoyed when they get chipped an hour after I paint them.
8. Heels or flats?  *Sigh*. Flats.
9. Favorite brand of coffee?  Starbucks
10. Dogs or cats and why?  Dogs. Cats just aren't my thing.
11. What is your favorite pastime or hobby?  Playing with my daughter, going out with my husband, or working on a craft project.

My 11 Questions for Other Bloggers:
1.  How do you balance blogging, family, and other responsibilities?
2.  If you had to be on one reality show, which one would it be?
3.  If you could rid the world of one thing, what would it be?
4.  What's your go-to beach read?
5.  What is your least favorite chore or daily task?
6.  What is your idea of a perfect day?
7.  What song takes you back to high school?
8.  What are your favorite blogs?
9.  Tell about one personal belonging that has the great sentimental value.
10.  If money were no object, what home renovation would you tackle?
11.  What do you consider your biggest strength or talent?
I'm passing the torch onto these fabulous bloggers:
Jessica - Prairie Girl to Southern Belle
Bre - Rooms for Rent
Shayna - The Woodgrain Cottage

Have a great day! :)

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Inexpensively Decorating for Valentine's Day!

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It's fun to decorate for Valentine's Day, but I can't really justify dropping a lot of money to do it.  My craft projects this week have been inexpensive. (Well, ok, the wreath got a little pricey with the 10 yards of burlap...)
I love to fill my glassware with seasonal and holiday decor.  For V-day I used cupcake liners (left over from Miss L's birthday), pink striped straws (also left over from the birthday bash), and some inexpensive heart-shaped ornaments from JoAnn.
To make the ribbon/heart loops, I simply looped ribbon around the tops of the canisters, and topped them off with a book page square, under a tissue paper square, with a heart (cut out from an old gift bag) on top!  Talk about cheap decorating! :)
 The Martha Stewert mini cupcake liners (from JoAnn) look so bright and pretty!  They make a perfect canister filler!
I used one of my vintage blue mason jars in the arrangement.  I love the way the pinks, corals, and reds contrast with the blue!
How do you decorate on the cheap for V-day?
Have a great day! :)
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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Valentine Week: A Lovely Burlap Wreath

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 I've seen so many cute burlap wreaths out there in blog-land, and I decided to try one for my Valentine wreath this year:
  This wreath took 10 yards of burlap ribbon from JoAnn. 10 yards seems like a lot, but in order to completely hide the wire wreath frame, you have to "smush" the ribbon together as you weave it back and forth.
Once you have the burlap wreath finished, it's time to add the sparkle and *bling*!

Here is a quick tutorial on now to make the little fabric flower:
1. Fold a 3"x12" piece of fabric in half.  Iron it, creating a crease down the middle.
2.  Cut the fabric, creating a fringe on the folded side, (you can fringe the other side to get a more unfinished look).
3.  Starting on one end, roll the fabric around the center.  Secure your completed flower with hot glue.
I used hot glue to secure the flower onto the wreath.
That's it!  Making this wreath was actually pretty easy!
Have a great day! :)
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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Valentine Week: DIY Valentine Topiaries

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I'm back today with some Valentine eye candy for you!
I'm so in love with these pretty topiaries!
Making them was easy, but, I will admit, more time consuming than I expected. My supplies included:  straight pins, a gold paint marker, gold glitter, hydrangea punch, scrapbook paper, two Styrofoam balls, and two gold candlesticks (from Goodwill).
1.  I started by painting the ball end of the straight pins gold with my paint marker. I sprinkled gold glitter on them before they dried.  The glitter is optional, but gives the completed project a bit more *bling*.  (This is the most time consuming step.)
2.  I punched out hydrangeas from three different scrapbook pages.
3.  I layered two hydrangeas, and stuck them to the Styrofoam balls using the straight pins.
4.  Voila!  Just keep adding more hydrangeas until the whole ball is covered.  You will want to leave a small space on the bottom empty, so that you can place the ball onto your candle stick. 
Note:  You could hot glue your hydrangea ball to the candlestick for extra durability.  I simply placed my ball on top of the candlestick, because I want to reuse these candlesticks for other projects.
I ended up adding a few left over heart cutouts from my postage garland to the topiary to make them even more Valentine-y.
I love this project for it's versatility.  You could use this idea for a bridal shower, baby shower, or birthday party.  Just switch up the scrapbook paper colors, and you've got a completely different look and feel.  You could also fill a large glass vase with these hydrangea balls for a beautiful centerpiece or party decoration...the possibilities are endless here! :)
Have a great day!

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Monday, January 21, 2013

Valentine Week: Postage Garland!

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It's Valentine Week ya'll, and I'm starting the week with an adorable (and easy) garland made (mostly) with Martha Stewart materials bought in the craft section of Meijer.
After several failed attempts to photograph this garland in its entirety, (it is hanging in front of a multi-faceted nightmare!)  I decided to put my cute, little mug front and center...

It all started when I fell in love with the package of little polka dot envelopes & pink scalloped note cards at Meijer (right).  I admired them, studied them, (probably rubbed them on my cheek), and then put them back on the shelf; unsure of how I could use them. 
As soon as I left the store I immediately regretted not buying them.  Do you ever suffer from Non-Buyers Remorse?  (Just made that term up, but I suffer from NBR it on a regular basis.)
 I went back to Meijer the very next day and snatched up the envelopes & note cards and cute little heart cutouts.  I found the baker's twine in the dollar section at Target, and I used a gold paint marker to write messages on each piece.
This postage garland is so cute and only took me about thirty minutes (or less) to assemble!
Make sure to come back tomorrow for more Valentine fun!
Have a good day! :) 
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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Valentine Week...A Sneak Peek!

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Next week will be completely devoted to Valentine's Day crafts and decor!  I've been having so much fun and can't wait to share some super-cute crafts with you.
Here is a sneak peek...
I pulled my Valentine inspiration from this vintage Valentine that my grandma kept in a collection of vintage postcards.  I loved the gold with the pink and red.
Make sure to come back next week for:
Have a great weekend! :)

Painting a Goodwill Mirror...Twice

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I found this gorgeous mirror at Goodwill a few months ago.  The price tag read $12, but I had a dollar off coupon, so I got it for $11.  (Duh.  Sorry if I just insulted your intelligence.)
At first it looked like this:
Well, ok, it didn't have blue painter's tape on it...I added that.
First, I painted it gray.  "Fieldstone" by Benjamin Moore to be exact.  I used a latex eggshell finish.
I actually left the mirror this way for awhile.  I liked it, but then we painted our walls gray, so it needed a coat of white over the top.
So, next I painted a layer of American Accent's Heirloom White over the gray.  I wanted some of the gray to show through, so I lightly sanded the edges. Just a hint of gray can be seen in the detailing of the mirror.  It's perfect with the gray wall paint.
Perfect!  (I had to move all of Miss L's toys out of the way, so that you wouldn't see them in the reflection of the mirror!)
Another Goodwill success story in the books!
Have a great day! :)
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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Organizing Our Home: The Bathroom Cabinet + Free Printables

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The organization continues around here...
First I tackled the kitchen junk drawer.  The next space in our home that was badly in need of some organizing was our bathroom cabinet.
I ran out to the Dollar Tree to grab some cheap tubs and containers.
Then, I had to face the beast:
You can see, by the tubs and containers, that there have been a few attempts to keep this space somewhat organized, but I was fighting a losing battle.  The products, creams, medicines, and bags were getting the best of me.  Big time.
I organized the medicines according to illness.  Nothing's worse than digging through a tub full of medicines when you really need your Pepto...just sayin'.
I purposely put these three tubs right at my arm level.  These are the items I need most often, and I want them to be right within my reach.  I keep my daily throw-away contacts in this little milk glass container so that I can easily grab them each day.
Mr. Hoff is good at keeping us supplied with lots of extra supplies. :)  Now we have a designated spot for them.
I put itmes that we use multiple times daily, (face soap, moisturizer, toothpaste, toothbrushes, etc) in this shower caddy.  We can grab it and put it on the counter, use what we need, and then stick it back.  Perfect! :)
Ahhh...that's better!  
You can download and print my organization labels below!  Give them just a few seconds to load! :)
To download blank labels click here.
To download the labels below click here.
To download the labels below click here.
Have a great day! :) 

Monday, January 14, 2013

DIY Mini Cake Stand

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Happy Monday!  I hope you had a great weekend!  Mr. Hoff and I were lucky enough to get a date night on Friday, which is always fun!  What I miss most from our pre-kiddo days is getting to go out to eat or to a movie whenever we want.  I wouldn't trade mommyhood for anything, but you know what I'm saying.  :)
I am starting the week with a quick little project I did over the weekend. I know I'm not breaking any ground here...I've seen these little DIY cake stands in gift shops and on Pinterest a time or two. Every time I see one, I think, "I should make one of those," and then promptly forget about it.
I had assembled all of the necessary components from Goodwill:
Yup.  That's right.  It cost me $2.50 to make this adorable little cake stand.  Gotta love that!
1.  I had some Gorilla Glue on hand.  It said that it was water proof and worked well with ceramics, so I decided to go with it. 
2.  Apply a generous amount of glue to the top of this little candle holder.
3.  Stick the candle holder to the center of plate and don't touch for 2 hours.
4.  Tada!  A cute little cake stand! :)
I plan on using this mini cake stand for a little Valentines Brunch I'm planning...won't it be perfect?
Have a good day! :)
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