Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Our Wedding: Part 1

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Well, you asked for it, Jen, Brittany (and mom), and I am delivering. :)
With all of the wedding talk in my family these days, it's hard not to think back to my own wedding day, the planning that went into it, and the fun we had!  When I started looking through my photographs, I realized that it would be impossible to sum up this day in one post, so I'm doing a little "Our Wedding" series.
We got married in Bloomington, IN (also known as my favorite place in Indiana).  We went to college here, but we chose this location because it is an absolutely beautiful place with a beautiful campus as a backdrop for our big day.
The location:  First United Methodist Church
This church is located just down the street from IU's campus
Getting Ready:
Who was I talking to?  What were we talking about?  I have no idea.
My adorable little neice, checking out her flower girl dress.
We went with a small-ish wedding party.  My sister (not pictured) and my two besties (above) were my bridal party.  We also had our elementary-aged niece and nephew as jr. groomsman/bridesmaid.
When I was going through the pictures, I realized that there was a lot of bow tying going on!  My MIL and aunt were the primary bow-tyers.

 I love this picture of my SIL putting on the flower girl's make-up!  Apparently she was taking a break from doing some pretty heavy reading.
This is the only picture I have of the guys "getting ready".  Probably because they came to the church already dressed, and had no make-up, hair, or primping to do.
.....and the finishing touch!
Now, I know this isn't for everyone, but Mr. Hoff and I wanted to get the majority of our picture-taking done before the wedding.  So we did a private "see each other for the first time" moment with just the two of us (and the photographer, who was apparently hiding in the pews).
One great idea that I want to share with all you bride-to-be's out there, is the Wedding Itinerary that I sent out to the entire bridal party and all family members a few weeks before the wedding.  It included the times and places where people needed to be, and also the phone numbers of all the "key players".

Alright, that's probably a good place to end this post.  My next part in the "Our Wedding" series will cover the pre-wedding photography...which was gorgeous!
Have a great day!


  1. Hey April! I nominated you for the Liebster award, go to my blog to get the details!


  2. Beautiful! Looking forward to seeing more. Your church looks exactly like my church in LaGrange, GA that I got married in 25 years ago. Even the sanctuary looks the same. They must have had the same architect! It brought back fond memories.

    1. That's interesting! Was yours a methodist church too? They must have passed around the blue-prints!

  3. you looked FAB!!!
    we did an itinerary too and it was amazing how it kept people so much more organized and helped to keep them from pounding me with questions. :)
    can't wait for tomorrow's post. :)

    1. My thoughts exactly... :) Now I wonder why I didn't just email it out, but I guess it was good that everyone had a hard copy.

  4. What a lovely day you had! Looking forward to seeing a few more pics of your special day!

    1. I'm working on it...it takes a long time to go through all of the old pics! I almost had too many wedding pictures (if that's possible).

  5. Gorgeous :) I'm so glad you decided to make it a series! I also did an itinerary with contact info so that if anything went wrong someone else would be able to call the contact, not me! Can't wait for the next post!

    1. Exactly! I didn't want people's random questions, and I didn't want to have to remind everyone when to be where.